High Percentage Wellness Steps Review

High Percentage Wellness Steps Review

I wasn’t exactly looking to read another health book, per se. I’m not exactly “crunchy”, but I figure I do okay compared to the average joe, especially since my switch to vegetarianism four years ago, although I still enjoy the occasional (or um, daily) sweets and other “bad” foods. But when I started flipping through this book, the premise really intrigued me- small, easy steps that I can take that will make the biggest difference in keeping myself healthy in order to prevent illness in the first place. Sounded pretty good to me, so I picked up the book and gave it a go.

In High Percentage Wellness Steps, Dr. Suneel Dhand outlines the seven pillars of health, and gives the statistics to prove just how important they really are. He discusses things like:

  • Simple changes you can make in you diet that will make a big difference to your health, along with a breakdown of why certain fad diets work
  • How your body weight and exercise affect your health
  • Incorporation of emotional and mental wellness as factors in health
  • Bulleted summations after each chapter (which I especially appreciated!)

– all written with a light-hearted and positive approach that was pretty inspirational. No haughty “thou shalt nots” in this health book, just gentle suggestions and helpful advice.

So how did this book affect me? Well, I may not have sworn off the chocolate altogether (duh!), and I’m still kind of (kind of!) a couch potato, but I have cleaned up my act a little, and definitely do feel the difference, so in my own humble opinion, this really was a good read.

Bottom Line:

Pros: succinct, easy to follow, simple stats, great examples

Cons: a bit generalized, could be more specific or detailed in certain areas

Rating: four out of five stars

Suggested for: anyone interested in bettering their overall health

Kind of similar to: n/a

Recommend it? Yes


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