Artifice Review

Artifice Review

Artifice [ahr-tuh-fis]: noun

1. A clever trick or stratagem;
2. Trickery; guile; craftiness.

Are there unseen forces behind the political, social, and religious changes that have played out throughout history? Who are we, and why are we here? Is there a singular, malevolent agenda behind society’s rapid descent into immorality?
Artifice is an intelligent and thought-provoking book, and whether you agree with the author’s views or not, it is inevitable that you will set this book down more knowledgeable than when you picked it up.
I especially appreciated the author’s gentle and nonjudgemental approach in appealing to Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Athiests to consider the possibility of what the book has to offer with an open mind. Based on a biblical and hebraic perspective, this book covers a vast array of topics from religion, history, culture, politics, economics, prophecy and more, eplaining how “the world around us is not what it seems, that there are players and principalities behind the scenes influencing and swaying the thoughts and directions of humanity”.
A fantastic book!

Pros: easy to understand, covers wide array of subjects, including world history from a biblical perspective

Cons: may offend those who have a violent dislike for christianity, christian principals (although the language itself is very kind and open IMO)

Rating: five out of five stars!

Suggested for: anyone with an open mind who is interested in history/economics, or who is curious about christianity and bible prophecy

Kind of similar to: Perry Stone, John Hagee

Recommend it? Yes!


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